Sample cards from Sherwood Showdown

Robin Hood has some competition in Sherwood forest. His long-lost twin brother Reuben and a band of outlaws have begun encroaching on Robin Hood’s hood, and the tensions are rising.  Can your band of Merry Men rob more rich to feed more poor?

In Sherwood Showdown, 2 players duel, each using their own identical deck of cards, vying to win the most gold by robbing passing travellers. Players must manage their hands carefully, saving their powerful cards for just the right moment and setting careful traps for their opponent in order to win the most valuable travellers over the course of the game.

Sherwood Showdown is for players aged 8 and up, and takes about 20 minutes to play. The game consists of 104 cards, divided into 3 decks. Each deck has a different, seasonal, background. The 2 otherwise identical player decks contain outlaw, leader, special outlaw, weapon, and ransom cards, and valuable Traveller cards make up the third. 

The game is illustrated by Heather Young.

Sherwood Showdown is now available on the ‘Buy Games‘ page.

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Download Sherwood Showdown rules.

How to play video on YouTube.

Rules in Korean.

Rules in Spanish.


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