Fellow Game Artisan Max Xuereb ran a Sherwood Showdown tourney at GottaCon, Victoria’s boardgaming convention, a few weeks ago. ¬†Here are a few pics of the event…



3 Responses to Sherwood Showdown at GottaCon

  1. Aldo says:

    Hi … I am the guy who won the GottaCon tourney. I’m the one with all his hair ;-) in the photo. I really do enjoy the game but I think there maybe a flaw in the design. I think there should be a hand limit to the player cards. Once I was able to collect travellers I bought cards, and cards, and more cards. I would have 12 to 20 in my hand more often then not. My opponents didn’t have a chance when I held 1/2 my deck and they have 6 or 8 in hand. It seemed off balance to me. Good pick-up game though. Easy to teach; fun to play.

    • Roberta says:

      Hey Aldo- Thanks for the kind words, and for your comment. As I learn how players are approaching this game ‘in the wild’, I am hearing this described on occasion, usually from folks who would describe themselves as ‘gamers’. One suggestion I have as a house rule if this becomes a balance issue is that no player may sell travellers for additional cards until both players have won at least 2 travellers. This will help prevent a runaway early leader, and make the decision of which traveller to sell and when a bit more interesting. If you do try this, let me know how you like it- I’m debating posting it as an official variant, but would love to have more feedback before I do!

  2. Aldo says:

    I think that will go over well with my wife by adding the two travellers per player variant you suggest. She wasn’t too happy when I had all those cards in my hand. I will give it try and let you know how it turns out.

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