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  1. Devon says:

    just a quick question…. what are the white cards for?

  2. Matt says:

    A few quick questions – are there any restrictions on selling travelers for extra reinforcements? It seems like the first player to successfully rob a traveler can jump out to a commanding lead by immediately selling him for extra cards.

    Also, if the fair maiden lures an outlaw who is equipped with a weapon, does the weapon come over to the other side?

    Finally, if the bugle boy is lured by the fair maiden, does the opposing player get the benefit of the bugle boy’s extra draws?

    Thanks in advance for the help! Sherwood Showdown really is a fun game!

    • Roberta says:


      Great questions.

      Firstly, there are no restrictions on selling travellers, BUT if players are going to town with this strategy, I think that a house rule may be in order (many folks NEVER sell travellers). Personally, I’d make a rule that no one can sell a traveller until each player has won at least 2, if this is causing an imbalance in gameplay.

      While the rules don’t specify, the spirit of the fair maiden is that the outlaw alone comes over without his weapons- they would not longer count towards either player’s total melee strength, but they wouldn’t be lost to their owner.

      And yes, if the bugle boy is lured by the fair maiden, the opposing player would get the benefit of his extra draws. Ouch. (My favorite trick, which usually works only once, is to lead with a high outlaw, then follow with the fair maiden- she can be the nastiest card in the game, if used carefully).



      • Matt says:

        Thanks for the speedy response Roberta!

        I’ll be sure to try out your house rule next time I play.

        The fair maiden not taking the weapons makes sense thematically — the outlaw is so enamored with her that he drops his weapons and runs over to her, oblivious to the melee that is going on!

        The fair maiden really is a nasty card, and I agree that your trick is probably the best way to use her, unless your opponent is counting on the extra draws from the bugle boy, only to see them stolen by the fair maiden!!

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